Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Woke up this Easter morning and thought someone had stole my back and left some extra nerves in my back. Wowzer haven't had a really sore back like this for ages , doesn't help that i have the cold as well. I can feel every cough. Bummer!!

Anyways Mum and Dad and Kate( i think ) are coming for tea, Conor helped me go shopping , (thanks Connor), I wouldn't have managed otherwise. When we came home Callum offered to help with some of the preparation (thanks Callum) and ended up browning all the steak and sausages ready for the slow cook. I took some pics and will add them later.

I think we may have a Jamie Oliver in the making

Happy Easter to everyone!


pics as promised

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Bronny said...

Having been walking around shaped like a ? recently, I can sympathise with your sore back! Take it easy and look after yourself - especially as it seems somebody else can take over the catering side of life! :)