Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bowling !!!

My sister is visiting from down south , so we decided as a birthday treat to take the families bowling.
All the kids were really excited including my younger sister who is 24 by the way :). we popped into McDonalds and had something to eat first , then headed across to the bowling.
We had 2 lanes booked to play 2 games.

First mishap , we were given two lanes next to each other, one had finished and one was still to finish. So we started the kids on the empty lane and then proceeded to wait 20 minutes, the other lane was still not finished. We were moved to another lane again same story one lane finished , one lane to finish. Eventually managed to get started and everyone was having a great time.

Bowling alleys are quite noisy what with the bowling and the music , and about 20 minutes into our game we heard a muffled announcement and managed to pick out the words "Fire Exit". My sister went to check and sure enough we all had to make our way to the nearest fire exit. We then waited another 15 minutes outside in the cold , with no explanation and no sign of a fire, to be told we had to hand our bowling shoes back in and that the place was closed. So that was our eventful bowling night.

My sister has to go today and see about a refund, here's hoping shes successful.

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